International Real Estate

Global Property Sales & Marketing Services

Portal advertising, digital campaigns, industry marketing, master agency and international sales solutions.

OPP Ventures

Industry Promotion

Establish New International Sales Channels

Marketing and outreach solutions that develop productive relationships with agents or customers in key target markets.

Project Marketing

Targeted Multichannel Digital Campaigns

Targeted multilingual digital campaigns on Email, Facebook, AdWords, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Bing, Linked In & YouTube.

International Sales

Multilingual Global Salesforce

Brokerage for yield investments, capital growth products, lifestyle resorts, prestige homes and commercial property.

Master Agency

Commission-Based Agent Network

A comprehensive solution for property developers to open, develop and manage sales channels in new international markets.

Portal Advertising

Promote Real Estate on International Sites

Cost-effective solutions to publish property for sale on global, country-specific and niche property websites.

Qualified Referrals

Development Sales Partnership

Quickly scale in-house revenue potential and generate incredible sales results with limited financial risk and low resource costs.

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